Reasons I haven’t been writing

I’m back… kinda

Nikki Waterson
2 min readApr 13, 2022
It’s me! Nikki! A nice recent pic from my Dad’s birthday lunch © Nikki Waterson 2022

Hey Medium Fam. I’ve missed you all, and I’m not really 100% back yet, but I’m getting there slowly.

I’m easing my toes into the scorching onsen that is ‘writing’. You know, it burns your soul in a way that is both blissful and agonising.

So to start off, here are the reasons I haven’t been writing much, until recently, and why I haven’t been writing or posting on Medium at all:

  • Extreme depression & stress
  • Extreme gardening as a coping mechanism
  • Undergoing medical examinations and facing termination of my employment as a police officer on medical grounds
  • Where I have been an open book, and I want to be a strong advocate for my disabilities, and for people who have a disability whether I share it or not, I’ve been so vulnerable that this idea has been terrifying.
  • A shit-tonne of personal growth. Still growing of course, but wow, the things I have learnt in less than a year.
  • A new relationship that replaced gardening as a coping mechanism
  • A break-up, of said relationship, that made me realise that whether my plants are alive or dead is a healthy indicator of my self-care in a new relationship

So, I’m writing some articles now, and I’m looking forward to reconnecting with my wonderful little Medium family. To anyone who has started to follow me while I’ve been quiet, thank you so much. I’m excited to get to know you.

To all my Medium friends who have been so understanding of my disappearance. Thank you more than anything.

And thank you everyone for your kind words when I dropped off. They meant so much to me.

They eased the tense spot in my heart that told me I was failing.

Talk soon.